GAZI UNIVERSITY SENATE DECISION Date 17.02.2021 Number 2021/37
1 April 2021 | 11:47

In order to carry out the 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Term Education-Training activities in the most healthy way, and in line with the 'Normalization Process Guide of the New Global Outbreak' prepared by the Directorate of Education and Training Department of the Higher Education Council on 29.07.2020 and the letter of the Council of Higher Education dated 17.02.2021 and numbered E.30984 on 'Education Processes in the New Corona Virus Disease Outbreak, " Gazi University Education Commission has declared;

1. Applied education that can be held face to face in the Spring Term of the 2020-2021 Academic Year, by diluting and dividing the students into groups provided that "maximum attention is paid and strict measures are taken," will be planned according to the possibilities of the authorized boards of the relevant units (institute, faculty, college, vocational high schools) while the necessary infrastructure for online applied teaching will also be prepared.

2. Theoretical education will be conducted online, taking into consideration the views of the Ministry of Health and the minimum competencies that need to be gained in the programs,

3. Planning of the appropriate implementation of applied courses and activities such as Teaching, School Experience, Internship, Workplace Training, Clinical and Field Practice, will be made in cooperation with relevant institutions, taking into account the global epidemic and the necessary protection measures.

4. Students who do not want to continue their education due to pandemic concerns or their need for accommodation will be able to freeze their registration,

5. More focus will be given to guidance services due to the importance of student motivation during the global pandemic period,

6. Taking into account that the Ministry of Health will make a re-evaluation on the subject throughout the term, our University Senate will make the necessary decisions regarding any new developments that will arise,

7. In line with the principles set out above, the decisions regarding the realization of the education-training process are taken by the board of directors of the relevant departments and immediately announced on the department website.

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